Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Daily Strike-11/7/09-The House Makes History

At 11:14pm on November 7th, 2009, by a vote the House of Representatives passed comprehensive health care legislation for the first time in history. We've been waiting for this moment a long time. Yes, we now have to face the weasels in the United States Senate, but for at least the next 12 hours we can celebrate something that's never happened.

All we know right now is that 39 Democrats voted no, and 1 Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao of Louisiana. Cao won the seat of indicted (and now convicted) Rep. Bill Jefferson in a heavily Democratic district in Louisiana. A huge cheer erupted when Democrats reached the 218 vote threshold.

Here is a list of Democratic defectors:

1. Adler (NJ) He won a close race last year in New Jersey
2. Altmire (PA) He was undecided yesterday, apparently a call from Obama didn't help.
3. Baird (WA) Hugely disappointing effort from Baird, who hopefully will be primaried next year.
4. Barrow (GA) Blue Dog from rough district.
5. Boccieri (OH) Disappointing vote, he fears the next election.
6. Boren (OK) A firm no from the start.
7. Boucher (VA) He was on the fence, but swung to the no side.
8. Boyd (FL) A firm no from the beginning, a "fiscal conservative" I guess, even though the bill reduced the deficit!
9. Bright (AL) One of the most conservative Democrats in the House.
10. Chandler (KY) Comes from very conservative state of Kentucky.
11. Childers (MS) From heavily GOP district.
12. Davis (AL) He's running for governor of Alabama.
13: Davis (TN) Another consummate Blue Dog.
14. Edwards (TX) Represents George W. Bush's district in Texas.
15. Gordon (TN) Chairman of Science committee is facing GOP challenge next year.
16. Griffith (AL) Barely a Democrat.
17. Herseth Sandlin (SD) Announced opposition yesterday.
18. Holden (PA) Comes from conservative PA district.
19. Kissell (NC) Freshman Dem won with help from the Netroots, who are very angry at him right now.
20. Kosmas (FL) Freshman announced no vote yesterday.
21. Kratovil (MD) Comes from very conservative district on Maryland shore.
22. Kucinich (OH) One of two members who voted no because the bill didn't go far ENOUGH. I disapprove.
23. Markey (CO) Freshman decided to be a no at the last second.
24. Marshall (GA) A reliable conservative vote.
25. Massa (NY) Amazingly, he is a single-payer advocate, the other member who voted no because the bill didn't go far enough.
26. Matheson (UT) Utah's not exactly bleeding blue these days.
27. McIntyre (NC) He was a last second no, a major disappointment. Maybe he wants to run for higher office...
28. McMahon (NY) Disgusting vote from the man who now represents Staten Island. There's no reason he should be voting no on health care.
29. Melancon (LA) Running for Senate in Louisiana as a Democrat, I guess.
30. Minnick (ID) Never votes with his party.
31. Murphy (NY) Freshman won upstate NY seat earlier this year in The Strike's college's district. He was a last second no. Hopefully Skidmore will give him a hard time about it.
32. Nye (VA) Freshman.
33. Peterson (MN) Chairman of Agriculture committee announced opposition this week.
34. Ross (AR) Got freaked out by town hall meetings over the summer.
35. Shuler (NV) Former NFL Quarterback comes from a tough district.
36. Skelton (MO) Chairman of Armed Services committee faces well-funded opposition next year.
37. Tanner (TN) Blue Dog.
38. Taylor (MS) Not even really a Democrat.
39. Teague (NM) Freshman facing former GOP Representative for reelection.

We'll have much more on the vote tomorrow, including the full results of all the amendments, but for now, look at my live Twittering, which I shamefully did much of the day today.

Political wonks, let's get celebrate!

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