Monday, November 16, 2009

The Daily Strike-11/16/09-Lobbing Rocks

Good evening and welcome to the Daily Strike. Make sure you catch up on the week in politics by reading our previous entry. Tonight's post will be a short one.

GOP INSULTS: The Republicans party, I grudgingly admit, has a political opportunity next year. Voters are clearly still reeling from the recession, and generally have an anti-incumbent sentiment, two factors that will hurt Democrats at the polls in 2010. But they are not going to get where they want to electorally by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Barack Obama and hoping it sticks. Is it just me, or are their attacks getting more and more ridiculous? Over the weekend, Fox News obsessed about the fact that Barack Obama bowed to the emperor of Japan. They're talking about it like it's a federal offense. Who cares what Obama does to greet the Japanese emperor? Karl Rove said this morning that it was a sign of subservience. This from the guy whose former boss held hands and kissed the Saudi prince.

Of course, we're also hearing a chorus of complaints about the administration's decision to try Guantanamo detainees in the United States. Mike Huckabee today said that the trials will also be a "trial for the administration" and that an acquittal could lead to the end of the Democratic party. Republican House Leader John Boehner (OH) talked about how terrorists may end up in our communities. Seriously, this is the best you've got? They are also attacking the Obama administration for not jumping the gun and calling the Fort Hood murders terrorism.

Next year might be tough for Democrats, but Republicans could ruin it for themselves if they continue to lob useless attacks on the President and cater to the most extreme elements of the right-wing.

THE SENATE: The Senate today continued work on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations bill. Senators voted on two amendments from Senator Coburn (R-OK). The first would require public reporting of department reports. It was approved unanimously by a vote of 93-0. The next amendment would have committed the bill back to committee to enact spending cuts. The amendment failed badly by a vote of 24-69. 22 Republicans and Democrats Bayh (IN) and McCaskill (MO) voted yes. Tomorrow, the Senate will vote on David Hamilton's nomination to be a Appeals court judge.

THE HOUSE: Not much going on in the House today; just a few suspension votes. They'll get to real business by Wednesday.

That's it for now, see you tomorrow!

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