Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Daily Strike-4/11/09-ASU

Good evening and welcome to the Daily Strike. A quiet day in politics, so tonight's entry will be short.

ASU: I used to like Arizona State University, because they produced my all-time favorite baseball player, Mr. Barry Lamar Bonds. However, their actions this week have drawn my ire. President Obama was invited to speak at the ASU commencement ceremony in May. Typically, featured speakers receive "honorary degrees" in recognition of their accomplishments. Earlier this week, however, ASU announced that Obama would not get such a degree. Apparently, the degrees are only given to people with a "lifetime of accomplishments." Some drone in media relations claimed that Obama didn't merit such an award yet, because "it was early in his Presidency." Of course being a community organizer, state Senator, U.S. Senator, first African American nominee for President of a major party, and the first African American President of the United States did not merit the sort of honor they might give to say, a B-list actor. Luckily, there was a healthy backlash against Arizona State, and they, at least partially, have relented. The President will now have a scholarship named after him. The dean of Arizona State was forced to issue a long apology. As The Big Picture points out, it's good that any serious person needs to express their deep admiration for our President. Needless to say, I would like to make it out to an ASU basketball game next Christmas and boo vociferously.

SATURDAY RADIO ADDRESS: In today's weekly address, the President commemorated Passover and Easter, and used those holidays to make a case for a "spirit of togetherness" in international affairs. How long until Sean Hannity uses that address to prove that Obama is anti-American?

The Republicans countered with an address from Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. Pawlenty talked about how Democrats are going to raise taxes on everyone, which is a horrible thing to do during a recession. Of course, no one's taxes will be raised until 2011, and after that, only people making over $250,000 will have their taxes increased. Pawlenty, though, is among the less psycho of Republican leaders.

That's it for today. Join us tomorrow night, we'll let you know what happened on the Sunday morning talk shows.

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