Sunday, May 9, 2010

BREAKING STRIKE: Obama Nominates Elena Kagan to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Good evening. I am on vacation, so entries will be very spotty this week. I thought I'd chime in on the apparent nomination of Elena Kagan, the current Solicitor General and former Dean of Harvard Law School, to be an Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. This pick is not surprising, as Kagan was seen as a favorite since Justice Stevens announced his retirement last month. However, the choice is somewhat of a disappointment to me. Kagan is very strong on LGBT issues. She took a brave stand against military recruiters at Harvard because of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. She also will probably be a reliable liberal on social issues. My concerns with her are that:

a) she seems to be a believer in strong executive power, which as we saw in the Bush administration, can be extremely detrimental to democracy.

b) She did some consulting work for Goldman Sachs. Not only is that politically toxic right now, but I don't want someone on the Supreme Court who would potentially side with a business like Goldman Sachs over the millions of average Americans that they have defrauded.

Liberals will probably end up accepting her nomination in the end. But I will note that it's very possible her pick will move the court to the right.

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