Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Big Picture and the Strike Discuss the Picturette's Post

(Please see the Picturette's excellent and thought-provoking post below. The Strike and the Big Picture discussed the post and the conversation took a provocative turn.)
The Strike: really gets at the personal side of the issue
but also some very good counter-conventional wisdom in there
about immigrants not committing criminals more than NORMAL americans
Th:he Big Picture: yeah getting at the broader point that immigrants, including and perhaps especially illegal immigrants, are more American than "real" Americans
now that's a campaign slogan!
but I do believe it
The Strike: i completely believe it
much more of an "american dream" story
than your average exeter-princeton-goldman sachs track
The Big Picture: or really any track
The Strike: yeah exactly
much more american than what I've ever done in my life
The Big Picture: taking huge risks, sacricificing, to give your kids a better life
working really hard, saving
Better to retire at 55, play the stock market, shoot 18 in the morning, and watch Glenn Beck in the afternoon
that's what real Americans do in Arizona!
THEY're the ones who should be stopped and questioned:
"what are YOU doing to contribute to this country?"
The Strike: that would be a great thing for michael moore to do
or that open left interviewer guy
new left i mean
first ask them if they're carrying their birth certificates
then threaten to lock them up if they don't provide justification for what they do in society
The Big Picture: All they do is collect Social Security checks, cash in on the stock market casino and put tons of pressure for quick quarterly profits to maximize the god-given rights of shareholders
tremendously terrible consequences
and then vote to cut school funding, cut any investments in our future
and try to kick out the people who are doing all the work and providing much more than they are taking out
this is just such a perfect example of who has the moral high ground and who has the low ground
The Strike: it's also just a subject that needs to see the light of day
who is ACTUALLY working hard in society, and who is ACTUALLY reaping the benefits
The Big Picture: the very idea that these jerks sit around and collect money purely because of their good fortune
then whine about how bad they have it, refuse to allow the government to help anyone else
direct their goons to kick everyone else out
even if it makes the goons (police) jobs much harder
and actually will make everyone less safe
except for those who can afford to hire private goons on top of their semi-private goon police force
THEY're the ones complaining????
The Strike: yeah i mean goddamn
compared to the immigrant who works in the field for 10 hours
in 115 degree heat
just to feed his family
The Big Picture: nobody in the world is in a cushier position in life than these Arizona retirees
someone needs to tell them to shut their goddamn mouths
and pitch in
who would be the best candidate to give such a speech?
Joe Biden's got to be number one
The Strike: someone white
yeah he'd be very goo
The Big Picture: Bill Moyers
The Strike: no one really likes bill moyers though
besides the liberal NPR crowd
The Big Picture: yeah but he grew up working-class in Texas
The Strike: he doesn't have any tough guy reputation
obviously he should
jim webb would be pretty good but he's anti-immigrant
The Big Picture: Jonny Tester
maybe the Udall cousins
would be a huge political risk
but that's what would make it meaningful
The Tester-Udall and Udall "Shut Up and Pitch In" bill
The Strike: mandatory janatorial work for all white people in arizona
The Big Picture: or at least paying some higher taxes for schools, working hard to help integrate immigrants into society, some tutoring in education, finances, health, navigating American bureaucracies
they actually have a lot to offer
and it would make these retirees a helluva lot happier as well
you feel a lot better when you're helping people and recognizing others' humanity
than when you're angry, bitter, and screaming

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