Monday, February 15, 2010

Mini-Strike: Bayh Retires

Just a quick update not meriting a full entry:

Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh has announced his retirement. The self-proclaimed centrist and deficit hawk, who enjoyed being a thorn in the side of his party, dealt the Democrats one more giant blow by not announcing his retirement until after last week's filing deadline. The Democrats will be forced to choose their candidate in a state nominating convention.

Bayh's seat will now move into the "Tossup" rating on our election scorecard. Once we know more about the race, it's possible that Bayh's seat could move into Lean Republican territory because of the current political climate. As others have noted, it is now a somewhat realistic (though still unlikely) proposition that the Republicans could take back the Senate this November. Right now I'm projecting a 51-44 Democrat lead in the Senate with 5 tossups. There are two races I rate as "Lean Democrat" though, and if those were to flip, the Republicans would gain control and flip Obama's presidency on its head even more than it is now.


  1. Bayh: coward, traitor, villian, true sack of s$%#. An actual "wolf in sheep's clothing" maybe even with glowing red eyes. To think Obama nearly selected him as his running mate...

  2. Evan Bayh=Demon Sheep