Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Daily Strike-5/8/09-It's Late

Good evening and welcome to the shortest Daily Strike ever. I've been driving for 7 hours, so I'm too tired to write a full entry. I will not, however, renege on my duty to post the comment of the week. This one comes from "E," who writes some very insightful comments in reaction to our "Wouldn't Go As Far as THAT" feature. Please leave us some comments next week! You could be the winner of the comment of the week contest!!

DeMint thought this was some sort of campaign activity and just threw out those buzz words - which did not make any sense at all.

Regarding Bachmann's attempt to blame President Obama on swine flu, even it's an "interesting coincidence" (I would not say interesting - there're people dying out there), so what? Katrina happened under Bush's watch and shall I say it's an "interesting coincidence"?

BTW, I came across some articles couple days ago that some ex-staff from the Bush Administration said President Obama is following the "flu epidemic playbook" that was established during Bush Administration. I personally don't mind those folks came out and tried to get credits for that -- in fact, President Obama did credit the Bush administration to stockpile anti-flu treatment -- just want to point out that what make the difference is the execution part. You can have the world class playbook but it's useless if one acts slow and do not take things seriously, a painful example - Katrina.

Oh, this week Republican address is on the attack mode again. While people are worried about their jobs and the flu epidemic, they look like they are so out of touch.


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