Wednesday, February 25, 2009

UPDATE: Something I Missed

When listing the Democrats who voted against today's omnibus budget bill, I omitted perhaps the most interesting dissenter: Jackie Speier, who represents Father and Mother Strike in San Francisco/San Mateo, CA. I guess my eyes just couldn't believe that this staunch liberal would vote against her leadership on a spending bill. It turns out Speier is not happy with the process that produced the bill, and that the bill was not subject to proper oversight. She noted that it wasn't the amount being spent that was the issue, but "the principle of spending taxpayer dollars without appropriate accountability, transparency or oversight.” Ok. But most of this bill had gone through the regular appropriations bill last year, first of all, and second of all, seriously? Be a team player Jackie! I know that a lot of people in your district depend on you not to stand on principle, but to look out for your constituents.

Anyways, I regret the error in the earlier post.

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